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Web Site Hosting

img-3For those looking to make use of WordPress, many of the services here have been superseded by the UConn Aurora project.

Use our file space, servers and support to develop and publish your site. InCHIP IT provides the secure and reliable environment, you provide your web expertise and content. Most space is provided on a Windows Server with a central MySQL or SQL clustered Database. Those looking for more advanced or non-shared hosting should consider one of our Virtual Servers running either a RedHat Linux or Windows compatible web server.

Self-managed Personal Web Pages are also available through this service.

This service is for you if:

  • You manage your own site, but need a hosting environment
  • You have the technical skill to support your HTML or PHP environment
  • You want a high availability server environment with nightly back-ups
  • You want an InCHIP IT hosted personal Web site that you can manage

How to Request

To request a new web space, change the configuration (quota, permissions, etc) of your existing Web site, or request a unique URL (CNAME), please fill out the online Form .


Web services are partially funded through the CASS, InCHIP and the Office of the Vice President for Research and there are no other charges for these services.

Unit or Department Web Hosting Features and Functions

We provide web space, free of charge, for any UConn department, unit, or research site. We provide the secure and reliable environment, you provide your web expertise and content.

  • Highly available (24 x 7), secure and reliable server environment
  • Separate development and production environments
  • Immediate access to nightly backup of files
  • 200MB default file storage quota (Additional Space can be purchased or consider a Virtual Server)
  • PHP and Perl runtime engine support (some functions may not be available)
  • MySQL DB access
  • Web log reports
  • Secure pages (SSL) available
  • FTP & SFTP access to file space
  • Ability to manage user and group permissions
  • Custom Web site names or sitename.CHIP.UCONN.EDU
  • Nightly backups and restoration services
  • 24 x 7 server monitoring

Personal Web Pages Features and Functions

We provide personal web site space, free of charge, for any UConn faculty, student or staff member. This is a self-supported service: we provide the secure and reliable environment, you provide your web expertise and content.

A personal Web site tells your readers about your interests, research, ideas, and hobbies. Personal web pages may not be used for political or commercial purposes and may not include copyrighted material.

  • 100 MB of server space for personal content
  • Robust server environment
  • Nightly backups
  • Search engine functionality
  • Web log reports
  • Server side includes (but not executables)
  • Option to request php
  • Limited cgi-bin scripts
  • Page management tools including Mailform, and Weblog_report
  • Weblog reports to track how often your pages are visited
  • Support for additional MIME types including PDF, DWF, RA, RAM, RPM, DCR, DIR, DXR, SWA, and WRL

Third Party Applications Policy

At present, InCHIP IT does allow installation of third-party software like WordPress, Drupal or other web applications on centrally-supported InCHIP web infrastructure, however we may restrict custom PHP applications that are determined to introduce risk. Webadmins with Web sites on InCHIP IT web infrastructure are responsible for keeping their code patched and secure.

InCHIP IT reserves the right to remove code and/or disable Web sites that pose a security or stability risk to the web infrastructure. Our current efforts, as directed by campus priorities, are dedicated to the development of new content management services. This policy will be reviewed periodically as service capacity evolves.