Planned Changes and Outages Process

The InCHIP IT Planned Outage process is for review and scheduling of planned changes to the production environment where an outage is either required or there is a risk of an outage occurring. Changes should be planned with normal urgency when possible. The goal is to have all changes managed within the IT Support system, though changes can be scheduled and planned using IT Request or Email.

The guideline for requesting approval of planned changes is two weeks prior to the change.

  • Normal > 2 weeks
  • High 1-2 weeks
  • Urgent < 1 week
  • Critical < 1 day

Planned outages will generally be performed between 7PM and 7AM on any day of the week. Work scheduled outside of this window will have explicit sign-off from the system steward or designated client representative if possible.

Planned outages and changes will not be scheduled during the first or last weeks of instruction, finals or grading week of the academic quarters, or during other significant campus events or key dates.