IT Policies

Minimum Network Connectivity Requirements: InCHIP IT has Minimum Network Connectivity Requirements for all devices connected to the campus network. The links below will help you understand these requirements. Devices that don’t meet them may be disconnected from the InCHIP network.

Data Encryption: This outlines the basic requirements and provides some guidance on what the encryption policies are for InCHIP IT and UConn.

Remote Access Requirements: The requirements and guidance listed are intended to reduce the risk associated with remote access of University information, systems or resources.

Password Strength and Security Standards: Passwords are an important part of computer security at InCHIP. They often serve as the first line of defense in preventing unauthorized access to campus computers and data.

Wireless Networking and Mobile Devices: Handheld or notebook-sized devices that can be used to store or send information, or connect to the Internet. These devices can store important business and personal information, and may be used to access University systems, email, banking information, work and personal accounts. Where this is the case, they need to be protected like any other computer.

Changes and Planned Outages: This outlines the process is for review and scheduling of planned changes to the production environment where an outage is either required or there is a risk of an outage occurring.