Map Network Drives – CHIP Research Volume – Mac

NOTE: For these instructions to work you MUST be on one of the University wired networks or UCONN-SECURE wireless network. Other networks and UCONN-GUEST will require you to be connected to the VPN. See this page for instructions connecting to the VPN.

1. Open Finder > Preferences


2. Ensure the “Connected Servers” checkbox is checked


3. Close the Finder Preferences window

4. Open Finder > Go > Connect to Server


5. In the “Server Address” field, type: “smb://”, click the “+” symbol to add the server address to the list of “Favorite Servers” and click the “Connect” button.


6. When prompted for credentials:

6a. Ensure “Connect as:” is set to “Registered User

6b. Name: Enter your NetID

6c. Password: Enter your NetID password

6d. Ensure “Remember this password in my keychain” is checked if you do not want to be prompted for credentials every time you access the R: drive

6e. Click “Connect


7. A drive named “Research” will appear on the desktop


8. Hold down the control key and then click, or right-click, on the “Research” drive and click “Make Alias


9. An icon named “Research alias” will appear on the desktop


10. You can rename “Research alias” to “R” if preferred

11. The alias can now be used to access the R: drive