Map Network Drives – CHIP Research Volume – PC

NOTE: If you are not on the university network (e.g. home or airport) you will need to connect to the VPN prior to completing these instructions.

1. Open “This PC”


2. Click “Map Network Drive”



3. On the “Map Network Drive” screen, ensure the following:


3a. Drive: R:
3b. Folder:\\\efs\InCHIP\Research
3c. “Reconnect at sign-in” should be checked if you want the drive to stay mapped
when the computer is rebooted
3d. “Connect using different credentials” should be checked to be sure you are
prompted for your username and password
3e. Click “Finish

4. When prompted for credentials:


4a. User Name: Enter “UCONN\NetID”
4b. Password: Enter your NetID password
4c. Ensure “Remember my credentials” is checked if you do not want to be prompted for credentials every time you access the R: drive
4d. Click “OK

5. A drive named “Research” showing the folder path beneath it will appear in “This PC


6. You can rename the drive to just “Research” if preferred