Using FileLocker

Logging into FileLocker

  1. Go to FileLocker and click the blue “Login” button
  2. If you have not logged into a University service in the last 15 minutes this will bring you to the NetID Login page. Enter your UConn NetID and password to continue
  3. After you authenticate you will be at the main FileLocker page.

Upload a File

  1. Click the “Upload” button on the top left of the Window
  2. Click on the link “Browse and Upload”
  3. Navigate to, and select the file you wish to upload.
    NOTE: At this step you may be presented with a different window. You may see “Drop files here to upload”. In this case you need only use Windows Explorer (Macs use Finder) to open the folder that the file lives in. Then drop it on the blue area.
  4. You will see the system, scan, and encrypt the file that you are uploading.

Sharing Files

  1. Click the blue downward pointing triangle at the end of the file name
  2. To share the file click the check box “Public Share:”
  3. If there will be multiple recipients you will need to check the box “Allow multiple downloads” and “Password protect this public share”. InCHIP IT recommends that you enter your email address access the recipient to make it easier to disseminate the link to the file. Enter a password and select “Share”
  4. At this point you will get an email from FileLocker and you will have a link on your screen to a file you can copy and paste.
    filelocker-9 or filelocker-10
  5. You will need to do this for each file.